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Gary Dolman was born in the industrial north east of England in the 1960s, but grew up in Harrogate in Yorkshire, where he now lives with his wife, three children and dogs. His writing reflects his fascination by the dark places of the human mind.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

A Special Request!

My debut novel, The Eighth Circle of Hell is up for the People’s Book Prize at present.

As you may well have read in previous posts, this is a special novel for me personally as it got me literally from one day to the next during a very difficult time in my life. But more importantly, it also tells the story of some of the forgotten victims of the dark side of the Victorian era.

It wasn't written for profit, or even for publication when I began, but just for the story.

I would be really, really grateful if you would lend your support and vote for the book at:

Many, many thanks!

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