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Gary Dolman was born in the industrial north east of England in the 1960s, but grew up in Harrogate in Yorkshire, where he now lives with his wife, three children and dogs. His writing reflects his fascination by the dark places of the human mind.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


Voting for The Peoples' Book Prize closed on 31st August, and thank you, thank you, to all those who were kind enough to vote, and to try to vote for The Eighth Circle of Hell.Several people left comments in addition to their vote and I was truly humbled when I read them. I'm not the most confident of writers and it can take me a day or two even to pluck up the courage to read a review. Comments like these, and like a good review, are a real boost for me especially.

These were the comments reproduced in full:

Reader Comments

A fantasticly moving portrayal of terrible acts. This is a book which has never left my thoughts since reading it almost a year ago.
The title of Gary's book, The Eighth Circle of Hell, definitely describes what this story entails. A very difficult subject to read but the author portrays how and why this type of abuse happens. Heartbreaking non-stop read.
Go for it!
Best of luck.
it is a very good read
All the best, Gary!
This is very powerful writing. Although the subject matter isn't comfortable to read, Gary draws you in so that you are attracted at the same time as being repulsed. I love the split time frame which racks up the tension - what will happen when they reach Elizabeth's former home.
A painful subject matter too often glamorised, Gary Dolman’s novel strips this away to reveal the truth in all its darkness. Intelligent, sensitive writing, Dolman draws his characters beautifully - a deeply moving, often disturbing story expertly told!
Amazing book. Dark, but incredibly well researched
This book was heart wrenching and compelling! It was an emotional and captivating story to which I found myself caught in the tidal waves! I loved this book it is a well written story about a dark and disturbing time!
Well done ! Great news :)
A thoroughly riveting read.
This was a fantastic, memorable read, very dark, but wonderfully written. Absolutely the best book I have read this year.
Compelling read
A beautifully written book with a story woven in historical fact. Atticus Fox is the detective who tries to solve the mystery of Elizabeth Wilson, a woman who was horribly sexually abused as a young girl in Victorian England. The characters are engaging and the story is heart-rending with a satisfying conclusion. Gary Dolman has dealt with this harrowing subject in a sensitive but compelling manner.
Brilliant and dark. A deserving winner.
loved it!
A difficult topic, written well in a sensitive manner. Applause to Gary Dolman! - Annie Acorn


  1. I understand what you mean. I am on cloud 9 when I receive good reviews. Its the so-so ones that rob me of my sleep. Keep up the good work, I know you will be a success.

  2. Congrats Gary! These are excellent comments.

    Best ~ Stephanie Renee dos Santos