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Gary Dolman was born in the industrial north east of England in the 1960s, but grew up in Harrogate in Yorkshire, where he now lives with his wife, three children and dogs. His writing reflects his fascination by the dark places of the human mind.

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Livin' the Dream

They say the two greatest moments in an author’s career are when they have their first manuscript accepted for publication and when they get the first copy of their book land on their doormat.

The first happened to me the day – in fact the very minute – my father died, and I will admit to cringing at the second – in the same way as I cringe when I hear myself on a recording or see my image in a photograph.

But boy, I'm making up for it now!

Last week, completely out of the blue, I got a phone call at home. It was an actor, now a producer/director, with some pretty hefty credits to his name. We talked, and he requested a synopsis of The Eighth Circle of Hell, suggesting that we meet up in a few days. And we did – at the famous Betty’s Tea Rooms of Agatha Cristie fame. 

As it happens, he liked it - very much. He liked it so much that he is going to work with me to transpose the novel into a screenplay and hopefully...hopefully...HOPEFULLY, turn the whole thing into a 5- or 6-part television series.

AND, not only did I finally get to go to Betty’s (despite living in Harrogate for most of my life) but I got to meet a thoroughly decent bloke with a social conscience who wants to make a difference.

Third time lucky, eh?

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  1. Congratulations, Gary! That is fantastic news and you must be on cloud nine. I am interested in reading your book now so I must put it on my TBR list. Thanks for sharing with us. I wish you all the best with the success of this new project.